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The Tooth Fairy's Daughter

                                      The Musical 

     Eighteen-year-old Katie has a problem: she’s a tooth fairy who’s just not interested in the family business. While out exploring the human world, Katie meets Max, a young man who inexplicably is able to see her. This is unusual in that the Fairy troops are not visible without their consent. Although forbidden to return to the world of humans by her father the king, Katie is determined to see Max again.

   Their growing friendship becomes moot when during the Centennial, a celebration of all the fairy troops, the Troll King demands his reward for not having kidnapped human children for servants during the last hundred years.

In a bid to gain power over the Tooth Fairy King, The Troll King demands Katie work as a servant in the Troll den for the next hundred years.

    In order to protect her father and the Tooth Fairy Troop, Katie accepts, for the penalty for a king who breaks his word is exile and the disbandment of his fairy troop. When her friends give Max her message that she’s sorry she won’t be able to see him again, he persuades them to take him to her. In the Troll den they find the one honorable solution that satisfies everyone — well, maybe not the Trolls.

   With music, humor, and suspense, the Tooth Fairy’s Daughter will transport young and old to the land of neverwhen leaving them lighter than when they sat down. To add in even more magic and excitement, this play can be flown.


Vengeance DeliciousElliott Baker


I Don't Think I CanElliott Baker
A Glorious MomentElliott Baker
No More PeaceElliott Baker


"We enjoyed working closely with Elliott Baker on our production of the Tooth Fairy's Daughter. With close to 200 children participating in this years play, being able to find a musical with so many possible rolls was a real treat. We love that there were so many different types of characters as well. With all the different fairies, elves, trolls and humans on stage our production was visually stunning and each child had a chance to pick the type of character they wanted to be. Elliott's music is not only easy to learn it is wonderful to listen to. One of the greatest moments for me, was at the cast party when the 200 kids spontaneously stated singing No More Peace together. I personally can't wait to work with Elliott again on another musical for our school. Thank you!"

Wendy Guttman-Parent Producer

Washington Open Elementary School Drama Program



"Thank you for the privilege of performing this musical. We had a ball! For the first time in the history of the school, we had fairies 'flying'! And what a to-do! The parents did a wonderful job of doing the backdrop and working with the national theatre nearby to make this all possible. We had full house on both nights and it was enjoyed by all, budding actors and audiences." C.O., Director, Colegio Luso Internacional, Portugal



"This was very well received by our audiences and the cast thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it, throwing themselves into unusual characters and enthusiastically singing songs in a variety of styles. The show was a definite success and we even rose to the challenge of flying (without being able to use harnesses). Thank you again for making it possible for us to perform this on this side of the pond." Julie, Rackheath Players, Norwich, UK


"One listen doesn't allow enough time to ponder all the original songs, nor allow all the words to register. But in a single hearing they buoyed the show and had the child in the next seat humming the tune after the orchestra had stilled. " By Jeanne McCartin, Correspondent, Fosters Daily Democrat 



"I have been directing the school plays now for twenty years, and the feedback from the parents was: This was the best one, the song "No More Peace" was powerful, many comments on the blending of the cast singing and showcased their talent. Wonderful direction by the musical director, Elena Solero. The school voice/choir teacher was very impressed on the cast’s ability to sing that song. Other comments, easy to follow, and great content. I really am glad I chose this musical." C.C., Homer Drama Club Director



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