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Young Ebenezer


Adapted from “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens

Musical. Book, Music, and Lyrics by Elliott B. Baker.
Cast: 9m., 4w. [Cast of 13 (playing multiple roles) can be expanded (with no doubling) to 23m., 9w..] How does a man like Ebenezer Scrooge come to be? Does he spring fully formed from the pen of Charles Dickens or are there causes buried within the child that becomes the man? We go back to see Ebenezer through young boyhood, young manhood and finally to the character we know. Many of the formative events in young Ebenezer’s life come from the reality of Charles Dickens’ childhood. Along the way we get a chance to see Ebenezer as a young boy indentured to a boot blacking factory. We follow young Jacob Marley and the beginnings of the partnership of Marley and Scrooge.

An up beat, up tempo musical filled with songs of melody and memory. There are ghosts a plenty along with all of the wonderful people of mid nineteenth century England in this rousing new musical.

Approximate running time 90 minutes. Area staging with set props. Accompaniment CD available.



Life's Not FairElliott Baker
Oh What RotElliott Baker
Graveyard HymnElliott Baker
All Hail to MarshalseaElliott Baker
Good Night's SleepElliott Baker
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