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17th-century metaphysical adventure. Romance and revenge. Where life and love are a sword’s length from the heart, and death is often the kinder choice.


When Rene Gilbert picks up a sword to protect the woman he loves, he incurs the wrath of a powerful and vengeful nobleman. Drugged and kidnapped, he awakens in the slavehold of a ship at sea.


No matter the cost, Rene must reconnect with his past lives to find the mystical power and skill needed to save his life and perhaps his very soul.


In an adventure that spans from Bordeaux to Morocco, From ancient Egypt to 17th century France, Rene must defend himself against enemies determined to kill him or reduce him to slavery while finding allies to aid him in his epic quest to return to the one left behind. When he crosses paths with Akeefa, the fiery daughter of a Moroccan sheik whose skill with a sword is equal to his, he knows he has found more than an ally, he has found a connection that transcends time and space..


They have found each other, but can Rene’s honor withstand his attraction to Akeefa while they find the power they need to counter the forces of evil? Together they might succeed. Apart, they will fail.

    The Count of Monte Cristo meets ancient Egypt in this riveting sequel to The Sun God’s Heir: Return.

    Set during the wave tossed years of white slavery and Barbary pirates, this is the epic story of René Gilbert, a journey that defies time as he must draw on a larger awareness earned in previous lifetimes.

    The plague’s dark fingers curl around Bordeaux. René must return home to save those he loves. But first he has to escape a Moroccan sultan’s clutches. In Bordeaux, an enemy waits, filled with a hatred three thousand years old. Only René can defeat this dark power, and only if he reclaims his own ancient past. In this arena, death is but the least of failure’s penalties.

   Death is not life’s final stop. There are worse ends. 

Two brothers, once disciples of the Pharoah Akhenaten, reincarnate in seventeenth century France. From Spain to Morocco to Egypt, one is determined to rule, the other to protect.

Horemheb, driven to destroy his brother and end their ancient rivalry, invites an African shaman to assist in recovering ancient artifacts of power that will ensure his dominance. Twice before, these artifacts have raised and then destroyed civilization.

The other, René Gilbert, escapes from the murderous sultan of Morocco, closely followed by the sultan’s personal guard, the Bukhari. Trained from childhood, these assassins live to kill.

Now, in the blockbuster conclusion to the Sun God’s Heir trilogy, René must find a way to fulfill a commitment made lifetimes ago. His long journey across the ages hurtles toward its climax, with the fate of his soul, and perhaps our very world, in the balance.

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