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That's Princess...with a Pea

6 m, 9 w, 6 flexible, many extras
Script: 67 pages. Full evening.

Prince Fred wants more than anything to find the princess of his dreams and marry. His mother, the queen, wants to stay young – in other words, no grandchildren! And that means no partying or dancing. To preserve the appearance that the queen wants Fred to marry, the kingdom has advertised far and wide for a suitable princess. Since none meet the queen’s approval, the outlook is bleak until the Jester finds an incognito princess. Tired of being deluged with the unsuitable suitors proposed by her military-like father, the king of Chauvanistania, Princess Philamena has escaped and taken employment in Fred’s palace as a chambermaid. Will Fred and “Phil” fall in love? Will the queen accept this chambermaid as a true princess? Will the three stooges stop having to guard the king? Wait, there are three stooges in here? It all comes down to a small pea, and a determined princess. Suitable for everyone with hummable songs and dancing. Is there a tango? You know, I believe there is. It’ll bring ‘em out of their seats.

Performance Time: About an hour.



WaitingElliott Baker
Someone Special (Philamena)Elliott Baker
Theres gonna be a Wedding HereElliott Baker
My HomeElliott Baker
Someone Special (Duet)Elliott Baker
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