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    Cast: 16-26+ actors (gender flexible) with as many villagers, animals, pirates, and Jolliginki as desired. "Who would have believed that animals have their own side of things?" One very special doctor with a deep understanding and love of animals finds he is able to speak with them. This one moment of comprehension is a light that carries John Dolittle, M.D., from one adventure to the next. Doctor Dolittle, Polynesia the parrot, Gug-Gub the pig, Jip the dog, Dab-Dab the duck and Chee-Chee the monkey travel to Africa to save the monkeys from a terrible plague. Once there they are captured and escape from the Jolliginki who want to serve them for dinner, elude misguided pirates who want to ransom them, and discover wild and wonderful never-before-seen animals. Even the famous African cannibal food critic, Mimi Eataton, makes an appearance. Doctor Dolittle comes to see that his love of learning coupled with his love of animals affords him a unique opportunity to speak on behalf of all animals. With the cooperation of all the animals of Africa, the doctor creates a solution that in the end protects the animals while providing new and better employment for the pirates and Jolliginki. Perseverance, patience and creativity win over ignorance every time. Area staging with set props. Approximate Running Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle 


     "We loved the music, the dialog, and especially enjoyed how many roles you created. Our school allows any child interested in performing to participate in the drama program, this year we had over 180 participate! We have multiple casts, and needless to say we had many extra non-speaking circus animals, Dolittle animals, pirates, Jolliginki, lion cubs and jungle animals. But it was really nice that so many of the kids who wanted or were ready for speaking/solo roles had the opportunity. All the children involved had a wonderful time. My 4 year old still listens and sings to the rehearsal CD in the car every time we go out, and she wasn't even in the play." 
—Wendy Guttman, Parent Producer for the Washington Open Elementary School Drama Program in Santa Clara, Calif. 

'My community in San Rafael, CA just finished a 3 weekend run, and it was fantastic. Furthermore, the entire cast is considering going into group treatment to help us stop singing the play's songs day and night, to anyone who will listen. Just yesterday, I picked up my seven-year-old and started singing "Yo-ho, yo-ho..." And she was like, "Oh no, Mommy, I just finally got it out of my head and now you put it in again!" This play is so extremely well written, so full of wonderful characters and top notch, clever, and uplifting songs.' 
—Julie Fingersh, San Rafael Community Services, Calif. 

"I recently directed The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle. It was one of the best experiences I have had in theater. Most shows are centered around 2 or 3 main characters, with lots of chorus. This play has tons of parts for everyone and highlights all of them. My show was cast with over 40 children, and all of them had an amazing experience with so much to do. It is very audience friendly with lots of music. We loved every minute of this high-energy, fun, adorable show!" 
—Rita Powell, director, Mount Vernon Community Children's Theatre, Alexandria, Va. 

"Get ready for the most exciting musical production to hit the Glenrock Auditorium Stage in years! Elliott B. Baker's music and lyrics, in his play as adapted from the book by Hugh Lofting, are captivating, exciting, and just downright fun. Make it a point not to miss this unbelievable, enjoyable, and delightful home-town production." 
—Casper Star Tribune, Casper Wyo. 



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