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The Faerie Kings Daughter

                                          The play

     Eighteen-year-old Katie has a problem: she’s a tooth fairy who’s just not interested in the family business. While out exploring the human world, Katie meets Max, a young man who inexplicably is able to see her. This is unusual in that the Fairy troops are not visible without their consent. Although forbidden to return to the world of humans by her father the king, Katie is determined to see Max again.

   Their growing friendship becomes moot when during the Centennial, a celebration of all the fairy troops, the Troll King demands his reward for not having kidnapped human children for servants during the last hundred years.

In a bid to gain power over the Tooth Fairy King, The Troll King demands Katie work as a servant in the Troll den for the next hundred years.

    In order to protect her father and the Tooth Fairy Troop, Katie accepts, for the penalty for a king who breaks his word is exile and the disbandment of his fairy troop. When her friends give Max her message that she’s sorry she won’t be able to see him again, he persuades them to take him to her. In the Troll den they find the one honorable solution that satisfies everyone — well, maybe not the Trolls.

   With music, humor, and suspense, the Tooth Fairy’s Daughter will transport young and old to the land of neverwhen leaving them lighter than when they sat down. To add in even more magic and excitement, this play can be flown.


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